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Go With The Groove
Go With The Groove
Go With The Groove
Go With The Groove
Go With The Groove
Go With The Groove
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There are myriad patterns in your world. The day plays out in light and shade, sometimes frantic, sometimes still, but on the whole, balanced. Everything happens for a reason, and every facet that stands out finds its corresponding groove. This blend does just that – it keeps everything on an even keel with its balanced palate. The note of chocolate finds a counterpoint in vanilla. Spice is balanced by caramel, orange by almond. It’s all smooth. It’s all good.

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Rounded | Sweet | Intense

A perfectly balanced shot with complex flavours and a rich body that is indeed a pleasure to swirl around the mouth. The intensity of cherry underscored by the sweetness of praline is a pleasant jolt to the palate. A rich brew with sparkling acidity and the longest finish.

Simply put - it's the most delicious espresso.

Where are the coffee beans sourced from for this blend?

We source our specialty coffees for this blend from a combination of Brazil, Columbia, Guatemala, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Paupa and New Guineas.

Who should buy Go with the Groove?

If you like to punctuate your day with shots of espresso, this one is for you! There’s a lot of satisfaction coming your way from a small ounce of this espresso that will leave you with a divine sweet after-taste.

Is Go with the Groove a specialty coffee?

We wouldn’t do it any other way! All our blends are made of the highest quality specialty coffee. We use only the best tasting specialty coffees to make our blends. Go with the Groove is no exception to this rule!

Why does the flow from our coffee pods feel slow?

It’s difficult to capture all of the most wonderful parts of specialty coffee - the aroma, crema, and the delicacy of the flavour notes - in a pod. But that’s exactly what we’ve done at Gumption. As a result, the pods will pour more slowly than with darker roasts, but as we all know, the best things in life take time!

It’s a match

If you are an espresso aficionado, there is no turning back from this one.

Best enjoyed as

  • Espresso short black
  • Espresso long black
  • Sweet Latte

Recommended for

  • Stovetop
  • Drip Filter
  • French Press
  • Aeropress
  • Espresso