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In specialty coffee we believe that producers take enormous pride in the work that they do. We know this from our farm visits. We taste this in their offerings. We reciprocate that pride with our ongoing support in purchasing and honouring the price they set, which is higher than the commodity price of coffee.

There are many ways to practice fair, and even fairer trade, beyond the label of Fair Trade. We believe our ongoing relationship with producers is more viable for the farmer, more sustainable for the industry, and fairer than handout schemes. With deep-rooted relationships developed over 18 years, we’ve worked hard to nurture our bonds with our stakeholders.

Grown in special microclimates, the premium taste and the intricate steps—planting, growing, cultivating, processing, drying, hulling, sorting, and creating a suitable environment for shipping the coffee globally—involves skill and perseverance. While any roaster can buy green beans and roast them in a machine, what sets us apart is the ability to care for the perfectly crafted cup of coffee.

With our eco-friendly packaging material- recyclable coffee bags and compostable capsules, we’ve taken a step towards a greener future!