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It’s about our beans!
To bring you the most flavourful experience, specialty coffee roasters must choose from an extraordinary array of coffee varietals grown in unique conditions around the world. Just as grape varietals and terroir are matched to produce the finest wines, the best specialty coffees come from production of specific coffee varieties grown at the right time and place. How is one to make sense of the thousands of coffee varieties? Let Gumption Coffee be your guide!
All specialty coffee is cultivated at an altitude of over 1200m, but elevation alone does not guarantee a superlative bean. Specific microclimates are required for the best production, which is why certain regions have become known for their special coffees. Furthermore, dedicated producers of specialty coffee often choose varieties based on their delicate flavours despite less productive yields. Gumption Coffee builds relationships with exceptional individuals who know and understand the rhythms of their microclimates so well that they can manipulate them to create a better cup.
From Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee, Hazel chooses beans with floral notes that are well-rounded, all tracing their flavor distinctions back to Heirloom root stock. However, Ethiopian varieties number in the thousands — and many are unidentified, unnamed, and even undiscovered! From Columbia Hazel leans towards the Caturra variety that emerged in Brazil, which Hazel chooses for its bright apple acidity.
The Bourbon variety is very popular with El Salvadoran farmers for its easy assimilation to their respective microclimates. For Hazel, these beans yield an almond flavor with an exquisite body.
Gumption’s coffees represent historical centers of coffee production such as Brazil, Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya, Nicaragua, Columbia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras. While also looking with excitement to new varieties coming out of Panama and Mexico.
Whether through the harmony of a Gumption blend or the unique essence of a single estate bean, Gumption Coffee brings the extraordinary flavours of specialty coffee to you. We invite you to explore the world of specialty coffee with Gumption.