AeroPress Product Review

Check out what we have to say about popular coffee gear. 

AeroPress Brewer/ Coffee Maker


The AeroPress has been around for years. Being the coffee nerds that we were, we bought ourselves a unit when it first came out. Ours was the white cloudy plastic cylinder of early production runs. It is our brewer of choice to pack on holidays, numerous coffee conventions, and coffee buying trips. When it comes to portability, no other brewer comes close.

The resulting brew from the AeroPress is clean, able to display flavor nuances, acidity, and body to boot. It’s popularity among specialty coffee aficionados grew because of the many permutations of use and brewing recipes it allows. You can steep it right side up, or upside down. You can pre-infuse, or not. You can control the temperature of the water, and the length of steep. The AeroPress allows you to make coffee-making as simple or as complicated a process as you want.

The AeroPress comes in three separable parts:

  • Brewing chamber
  • Plunging cylinder
  • Filter assembly

All these parts are made of thick sturdy plastic. For optimum portability, carry your AeroPress assembled and you can even use the hollow in the plunging cylinder to stow a scoop or a sachet of coffee. We’ve accidentally dropped our AeroPress a few times and it only copped small cosmetic scratches.


  • Portable
  • Sturdy construction
  • Light 
  • Great tasting brew
  • Rewards the brewer regardless of how simple or complex the recipe


  • Limited volume produced – you can stretch the brew over two small cups if sharing, but if you drink your coffee by the mugload, this is really a one-cup brewer 
  • It doesn’t do the laundry