Primula Product Review

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Primula Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Several years ago, cold brew was a fad, introduced by a few third wavers coming across technique and precision-driven Japanese approach to making coffee. The zen silence and focus of pouring milliliter streams of water on Hario V60s gathered street cred. So did making coffee using other Japanese constructions. With cold brew rigs reminiscent of lab equipment, the geekery factor was too much to resist. 

It turned out that the taste of cold coffee, no matter the brew, appealed to a lot of people and what was a cool trend became etched into café menus. Cold brew hounds can now get their favorite fix from any café. 

Now you can make it at home too as we offer the simplest, fuss-free, brew-in-your-sleep cold brew maker.

The Primula Cold Brewer is a straightforward immersion cold brewer that you can prepare ahead the night before, and have cold brew ready in the morning. It is made up of five parts that are easy to take apart for cleaning and reassemble for making:

  1. The glass carafe that is solid, can contain up to 5 cups of water, and small enough to fit in your fridge at home
  2. A filter holder that fits snugly on the top of the carafe
  3. A cylindrical filter housing which holds the coffee, and this snaps easily by inserting through the filter holder
  4. Screw-on filter bottom that you can easily remove to allow for disposal of used grinds
  5. Filter cover that you screw on with a half-twist.

We chose to stock this brewer because of the ease with which anyone can make a cold brew. There are no settings to choose, no finicky process to get right, and not much that can go wrong. Just a few tips to make a better brew:
1) Use cold filtered water (if you like drinking this water, then you’ll like the coffee it makes)

2) Make sure all the coffee grinds are immersed

3) Allow at least 8 hours (maximum 48 hours) to brew

4) Remove the filter mesh when the brewing time is done. You can keep storing your cold brew in the carafe so long as you remove the filter containing the coffee

5) Stir the cold brew in the carafe before pouring as settling does occur and you want each glass of cold brew perfectly reconstituted

Lastly, and most importantly, we like this brewer because of the great tasting brew it makes. By all means adjust the grind particle size and/or dose to suit your flavour intensity and body preferences, but the brewer itself does its job very well.