Cold Brew Expert How To Guide & Tips


1. Gently pull out the filter assembly from the glass carafe of your brewer

2. Fill the glass carafe up to the bottom of top plastic band with cold filtered water (this is approximately 5 cups)

3. Twist the top cover off the filter assembly

4. Using our coffee scoop, dose 5 heaped scoops of ground coffee into the filter cylinder

5. Gently replace the filter assembly on top of the carafe

6. Using wooden or plastic spoon, gently stir the bed of grounds until the grounds are fully saturated in water. (careful not to tear the filter mesh). Replace cover and store brewer in the fridge for 8-24 hours.


  1. Allow at least 8 hours of brew time.
  2. Best is 24 hours.
  3. After brewing and before removing the coffee, carefully stir the coffee through one last time for a fuller flavor.
  4. Always use cold filtered drinking water for your brews.
  5. Use a grind size similar to drip (or slightly finer).