About us

Coffee is more than a drink. It functions well beyond the habitual beverage we drink without much thought or consideration. It can transform a mindset from addled to able, from confused to clear, a panic-induced blank to a flurry of possibilities. When a cup of coffee delivers exactly what it promises, then the world has already changed. If this coffee is great, maybe the rest of the day will follow. A cup of Gumption makes things better. It makes things happen.

The Coffee
Great tasting beans do not happen by chance, it takes gumption to produce them. Coffee farmers with Gumption take enormous pride in the work that they do. We know this from our farm visits. We taste this in their offerings. This focus on quality forms the bedrock of our ongoing relationship with producers. 

Great coffee takes gumption on the part of the roaster to pick it on the cupping table and roast in ways that boldly express the intents of both grower and roaster.

People who work with Gumption pore over the small details knowing it makes the big picture pop. We also dream of the entire world switching on with Gumption. So there’s a lot of work to do, and we’re all busy at it. Whether we’re pulling drip from a pot, pouring latte art, packing orders, or greeting customers, we do it with Gumption.

We started as a tiny café tucked away in a quaint suburb in Sydney, Australia. It was gumption that got us started. And with gumption we grew from winning the Australian Barista Champion title, the NSW Championship titles, the inaugural Australian Cupping Champion title, the Coffee Guide Sydney "God Shot" plus 5 "coffee beans" Award in 2011 and 2013 and the "Best Coffee" award in the SMH Good Cafe Guide in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014.

Packed with gumption we set our feet in New York, building a roastery amongst the rattle and hum of Industry City. We’ve fallen in love with New York coffee. It’s gutsy, bold and full of promise, much like its people. It’s got gumption.
The Gumption roastery is lit and beans are getting roasted. We have our sights set on opening our first of many Manhattan stores right in the heart of Midtown at 1155 6th Ave.