Out of Africa – the best of Kenya Coffee

Coffee has a cycle much like other crops. From blossom to ripe vendable cherries, coffee takes approximately nine months. And this cycle is pretty much affected by seasonal variations in rainfall and microclimate. Naturally, coffee-growing countries and regions will have their own coffee crop cycles.

It's not a surprise then that Kenyas are cropping up here and there on roasters’ offerings around this time. It’s Kenya season! And we at Gumption Coffee are gleefully receiving the freshly-landed Kenyas at the roastery in Industry City Brooklyn. The beans are round, fat, deep green, smelling of sweetpeas. As they roast, wafts of sweet corn give way to heady aromas of black currants, black tea and pomelo. Juicy, comes to mind as a one-word descriptor.

Unable to resist these juicy numbers knocking our socks off at the cupping tables, we are delighted to offer THREE top-tier Kenya microlots:

Kiamugumo AA 

  • The sweet cola and sarsaparilla undertones are a joy to experience. Blackcurrant notes give it some depth. It’s also quite a balanced coffee with lively orange acidity and a silky medium body.

Kamgogo AA 

  • Laced with a floral honeyed sweetness, the Kamgogo is also bright with grapefruit flavors, making for a succulent cup.

Karimikui AA 

  • Melon fruit and toffee underscores the Karimikui’s main flavor profile. It’s sweet and easy with a creamy finish. A pleasant level of rhubarb-like acidity gives it some finesse.

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