Food and Coffee: Carrot Cake

Food and Coffee: Carrot Cake

Since we pore over the details of making coffee to make sure it comes out every bit the drink customers expect it to be, it’s no surprise we end up with supply partners that are as crazy about what they do.

This week we got new season samples from King Street Baking Co and we couldn’t be more excited. They’re as full of energy with creating new scrumptious things. Very talented bunch.

So we got to the sampling. When it’s delicious, it’s a conflict: do I exclaim how delicious it is, or do I just enjoy the moment? I opted to be quiet about the carrot cake. What a joyful first mouthful! There’s a great combination of the bright frosting and the sweet yielding moist sponge. There’s also balance in the sweetness and the thoughtful use of spice: cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg. Carrot is still the star of the show though. Its flavor ties all the elements together. Just as well all this goodness is contained in a compact mini bundt. I’d have eaten a whole loaf!

Go with Greatness is the coffee blend we designed specifically for drip filter. It’s as gutsy as all things New York, rich with character and ends sweetly. Based on high-grown arabica beans from the Americas, it’s bound to be a crowd pleaser as a New York style filter coffee. We tried it with the carrot cake and the two bonded. You know you have a good match when a bite of sweet opens up the flavors of coffee. Go with Greatness this time revealed deep notes of molasses and almond. I want to glug the whole cup as much as I want to wulf the whole bundt. Even more reason to be quiet. 

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